We are happy to announce a new partnership between Institute 361 and Umbrella Multicultural Hubs. This is exciting for a few reasons: Firstly, a very fitted approach to both organisations with a focus on multicultural development. The game of Go naturally focuses on cultures, recognising its historical cultural heritage significance, while it creates a space…

Go Set

Go Spectrum: combating social isolation

What if we can use games as a social intervention tool to provide better opportunities for people to form meaningful connections and to battle social isolation? This is not a completely novel idea. Games, such as Dungeons and Dragons have already been successfully implemented as such an interventions, especially when helping people on the autism…


The first documented Go game on Rottnest Island and why does it matter?

On Easter Sunday, 1 April 2018, the very first known Go game was played on Rottnest Island, 20 km off the Western Australian coast near the old port town of Fremantle. You may wonder why this matter, and here is why.


A note on Go stones

I have received a lot of questions about what type of stones are best. At the very least it is very useful to know the difference in materials – plastic, porcelain, Bakelite,  Yun-Zi, slate and shell are some of the most common materials.  If I can give any advice – this is to stay away…


Playing Go as one of the Super-powers in 21st century

Got it. After years of deliberate practice of Go, I now can pinpoint the reason why it has stayed with me, and perhaps why Go has sustained its place for thousands of years. The reason is simple: the ability of the game to cultivate much needed deep learning through intense focus and concentration. That’s it.…


The AI Go set is a game-changer!

This is a game-changer!  I am EXCITED to introduce Institute 361-IZIS AI Go board, which combines the physical aspects and sensations of the Go stones and Board with modern 7th generation AI integration. Used by the biggest names in the Go world – Master Lee Se Dol, Mr Kwan, Master Rui (7 times female champion),…


Why it is not Chess or Go?

As a Chess player from my early years while growing up in Eastern Europe, I often get asked why I have moved towards playing Go. There is often so much comparison between the two strategic board games, that sometimes there could be a sense of rivalry between these two excellent games. My opinion is that…


The Game of Stones

With the Game of Thrones (GoT) Season 7 cliff-hanger end, how do viewers makes sense of what has happened and where the plot is going to take our favourite characters? Some useful explanation of the popular TV show may be offered by using analogy of the world’s oldest game of Go, which is also known…

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Testimonials and Reflections

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to China for a summer program at Tsinghua University. I had never been to China before and didn’t quite know what to expect. I was particularly looking forward to playing Go with Chinese locals. I first learnt about Go at my university library thanks to Silva at Insitute361.…


The most remarkable student-led initiative

Recently I visited Churchlands Senior High School and I was astonished to find out that a group of students have self-organised a Go club after school hours from 3.30 pm on Tuesdays. The spontaneous Go club is organised by young Go players who visit the Go club session on Saturday at Tzu Chi. The group…