Gamifying Strategic Thinking

10 Principles of Strategic Thinking Case Study – Expressions of Interest Now Open!

Are you ready to embark on a journey of strategic enlightenment? We invite forward-thinking organizations to join us in unlocking the power of 10-Principles Thinking, where ancient wisdom meets modern innovation. What to Expect: Bridging Worlds: Why Participate: Expression of Interest (EOI) Deadline: 19th January 2024 Submit your EOI and any queries to Join…


Unlocking Strategic Brilliance with the Power of Go: 10 Valuable Principles in Business

In the intricate game of Go, ancient wisdom is embedded within its 10 strategic principles, offering profound insights that extend beyond the board into the world of business strategy. Let’s explore how these principles, honed through millennia of gameplay, manifest in the strategic development of successful companies. An ancient board game with roots tracing back…


Created in China more than 4,000 years ago, GO is regarded as one of the world’s most ancient games, combining arts and science.

We create more spaces to learn and more freedom to play in public spaces, schools and libraries.

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What we do

Go Spectrum

Institute 361 facilitates social Go classes for people on the autistic spectrum in partnership with Spectrum clinic.

Go Communities

Institute 361 facilitates Go classes for libraries, communities and maker spaces.

Go Business

Institute 361 offers professional development opportunities for businesses by translating by using a specially designed training Go Strategic Play ®

Go Research

Institute 361 investigates a wide range of topics related to the application of Go in science, technology and society.

What is GO?

Created in China 4,000 years ago, Go is regarded as one of the world’s most ancient art forms. For millennia, the game has been used to teach strategic thinking. Just like in life, experienced players look at the whole board instead of local fights; the goal is not to win, but to play a quality game.


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