Institute 361 | Gamify Strategic Thinking
Australian facilitator of GO, the ancient Chinese board game, to improve decision-making and strategic thinking in business and real-life scenarios.
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Institute 361 facilitates GO
to boardrooms, Universities
and classrooms

Created in China more than
4,000 years ago, GO is regarded
as one of the world’s most
ancient art forms.

Institute 361 improves decision-making by teaching strategic-thinking using the ancient game of GO to students, corporate boards, and executive teams.

What is GO?

Created in China more than 4,000 years ago, GO is regarded as one of the world’s most ancient art forms. For millennia, the game has been used to teach strategic thinking through collaboration. Just like in life, experienced players look at the whole board instead of local fights; the goal is not to win, but to play a quality game.


Benefits of GO


GO teaches how to make better and balanced decisions, starting from a place of serenity. Acknowledging the right of opponents to co-exist and learn from each other, GO is vastly applicable to the modern world as it provides life skills and, more specifically, how to survive in a highly competitive corporate environment. The following can be finessed in your business by utilizing the GO board:

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Fair exchange
  • Conflict management
  • Holistic thinking
  • Strategic decision making
  • Negotiation skills


Benefits of GO


Used in all levels of formal and informal education, games have always been a natural way for humans to learn. GO, however, is unique in integrating left brain (analytic) and right brain (artistic) capabilities. Here are some benefits that students and academics may gain from the game:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Logic
  • Knowledge representation
  • Concentration
  • Intuition

When linked to a specific unit outline, those benefits can translate into learning outcomes. In business and management subjects, for example, they enhance learning related to:

  • Managing leadership and leadership styles
  • Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Managing change and diversity
  • Change and innovation
  • Strategic thinking
  • Decision-making
  • Management in a global environment


Benefits of GO


GO complements standard school academic curricula, developing students thinking processes and enhancing their learning skills. Here are a few benefits of the game in a school setting:

  • Curriculum enrichment to challenge gifted children
  • Hands-on learning experience
  • Respect and first-hand experience of multicultural traditions
  • Opportunities for “multiple intelligences” within a classroom
  • Learning math problem-solving from a pattern-recognition perspective
  • Patience and tolerance

“Studying GO is a wonderful way to develop both the creative as well as the logical abilities of children, because to play it both sides of the brain are necessary”.

Cho Chikun, among the world’s strongest players and one of the three great prodigies in GO history.