AI Go Set

The game-changer!

The Institute 361-IZIS Go set combines build-in sophisticated AI technology with a traditional board to help you learn Go fast while playing against a human or a computer. 


Price: $1199

Take your Go skills to the next level with the best of technology without the digital distraction.

Learn Go fast

The integrated AI platform in the Go board makes learning Go more efficient, faster and pleasant. Effectively, the board is an educational tool and a teacher.

Complete records of your games

Each game can be recorded and stored on the cloud and can be re-visited at any time.

Live streaming

The AI Go board can record and broadcast the game directly through a live-stream

AI Go board
AI Go Board

Eliminate screen time without compromise

The Board eliminates the need to stay in front of a screen, even when playing against a computer. This protects players’ eyesight as well as limits other distractions and adds the value of a physical game.

Remote long -distance games

A distance of thousand miles can feel as close as an arms-length through the built-in optoelectronic display, establishing a communication link with remote players.

Already trusted by Master Go players

Trusted by some of the biggest Go masters in the world -Lee Se Dol and his teacher Mr Kwan, this innovation is a powerful tool to learn, record, stream and teach games from anywhere in the world.

Healthy Transformation

The AI Go set transforms the way that humans learn, play and teach Go, which translates into trans-generational benefits.

Lee Se Dol


Size: Length: 545.5 mm, Width: 501.5 mm, Height 24 mm

Connecting voltage: 22 V

Material: ASB