The AI Go set is a game-changer!

This is a game-changer!  I am EXCITED to introduce Institute 361-IZIS AI Go board, which combines the physical aspects and sensations of the Go stones and Board with modern 7th generation AI integration.

Used by the biggest names in the Go world – Master Lee Se Dol, Mr Kwan, Master Rui (7 times female champion), this technology is used for professional Go competitions and Go schools. Most importantly – it teaches you how to play Go without the need for digital online Go servers and other distractions.

Because Go requires one of the highest possible concentrations of humans, the AI Go Board limits internet distractions, protects your eyes, adds elements of sensation of touch and allows you to play a remote game, even if you have no other Go player near you on a physical Go board with physical stones.

Through sophisticated technology, the AI Go set recognizes white from blacks stones, has the build-in ability to teach Go through formulas (joseki), problem-solving, built-in library and many other functions. Seems to be do doing everything!

Play in Human-Human mode in person or play remotely with anyone else in the world via who has either a mobile phone or with an AI Go board.

Record all games in the cloud – human or non-human, stream live games, re-play and analyse each move, every game. Play against the AI, or learn openings and study previously played games.

I am excited! This is the missing link for so many current and potential eager to learn Go players, who may not have access to resources, Go teachers, Go clubs. And for so many of us, who value person-to person interaction and the sensations of the physical stones.

In Australia, where the Go scene is only starting to develop, this is a much needed resource to assist along the way.

We have already established partnerships with local libraries and we are looking for new partners – councils, libraries, public spaces, educational institutions, businesses.

Are you, or your organisation, going to join the  pioneers of this exciting new development?

The Institute 361-IZIS AI Go set is available for order now.