Go Strategic Play®


In this workshop you will learn how to approach business situations, apply a different mindset to team dynamics and better engage employees. You will acquire actual skills and knowledge of arguably one of the most strategic game, while safely playing out scenarios on the Go board to execute in the office and in the Board room. All with the power of GO STRATEGIC PLAY ®.

Why Go?

GO is a classical tool for strategic thinking, invented for self-improvement and for cultivating high level of leadership and strategic skills. Learning principles of the game of Go offers  skills in making better decisions, problem-solving and strategic thinking. The grid of Go provides a safe place for shared mutual learning and a deep insight not only in your opponent’s strength and weaknesses, but more importantly into your own.


Through Go Strategic Play, you will acquire transferable skills applicable to the modern world. Some of the practical benefits of Go are:

  • How to make use of limited resources and time to produce the largest gain
  • Which initiatives to continue and which to abandon
  • When to lead and when to follow your opponent
  • How to weigh competing interests among different units
  • How to enter a market where the competition is already well established
  • How to proceed to ensure success if the competition enters your market
  • How to create a strategic plan when the market changes quickly
  • How to go global but think locally


This one-day workshop is unique opportunity to harness the powerful principles of the Go game. It is a small group session, designed to engage participants in a reflective practice of applying lessons and metaphors to real world. It provides a unique opportunity to trial ideas and solutions in a safe environment, using the microcosms of  grid with 361 intersections on a wooden board, and black and white stones. 

You will be guided through the essential elements and principles that underpin the ancient strategic game and show how these principles can be applied to:

  • Boosted Creativity
  • Improved Communication
  • Better Negotiation Skills
  • Dealing with change
  • Strategic thinking

You will have access to everything you need to know about the Go game to apply in your business.  Starting with a question, the session will explore your own approach to solving problems, applying imagination and creative thinking to complex situations. The outcome of the session will be a visual representation of different ways of thinking, problem-solving and imagination. And your organisation will get your first high quality GO set.

What to expect

The course is facilitated by an experienced facilitator in teaching, research and education. You will use high quality board and traditionally-made Go stones, moving away from the saturation of digital engagement. Individual needs and learning styles of each participant are carefully considered.

The Facilitator

Dr Silvia Lozeva is founder and Director of Institute 361, aiming to gamify strategic thinking. As an academic with background in strategy and diplomacy, and sustainable development, for the past 10 years, Silvia has been a researcher and a lecturer in the field of sustainable development, and an adviser on equity and diversity issues. She is the organiser of the first Australian Academic Go Symposium (Sydney, 2018). Silvia is a TEDx Perth speaker in 2019 about ways of harnessing the lessons of the game of Go.


Duration: Half a day

To book or enquire about GO STRATEGIC PLAY ® contact us at  Silvia@Institute361.com or fill out the form below.


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"Go as a creative game has the potential to compliment or deepen one’s self-reflection and meditation practice through concentration and intuitive behaviour. Recognising different patterns in life, where we are faced with a myriad of situations and probabilities in our responses can be compared to learning to navigate through the vast space on the Goban (Go board) by learning about shapes, which guide you to make better choices. Learning that the choice we make in life are not linear are reflected on the Goban by the extremely high possible moves we can make; in fact, the choices are so numerous, that the Game of Go has been the basis of developing an AI and the DeepMind Challenge. Having tangible tools of engagement (stones, wood) are very useful in cultivating awareness to the present moment, engagement and sustained concentration. "

- Carolyn Hofmeester

Organisational Culture Consultant, Prime Focus

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