Go starter package



If you have been inspired to learn to play Go (Baduk, Wei’Qi) and you would like to learn beginners skills to get you started, this package is for you.

Whether you already have a Go set, or you would like to have one in the future, these lessons will help you to feel confident in playing from a strength, seeing and responding to an atari, practicing live and death situations, learn basic openings techniques, learn and develop a board spacial awareness.

The package includes five online Go lessons for up to two people.

4 reviews for Go starter package

  1. Jocelyn

    Higly recommended for people who want to learn go game.
    Thanks for the super patient and we enjoy the class a lot.
    Love the founction of the class combining with puzzles, game time and review section, so much fun.

  2. Andrew Morris

    The starter package has been a great help getting started on my Go journey. Silvia is friendly and helpful and a pleasure to learn from.

  3. Matheus (verified owner)

    I absolutely love Silvia! Studying Go is really opening my mind to new ways of seeing business strategy and tactics. Can’t recommend this more.

  4. Marcos Sastre (verified owner)

    Highly recommended for beginners. Silvia is very patient and will go though the thinking process of why each stone is played in a particular place, which was key to help me leveling up my Go.

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