Foldable Go Game Set


19×19 Foldable Go/baduk/WeI’Qi game set with original Yanzi Go stones

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The ultimate strategic game Go (Baduk/Wei’Qi) packaged in a easy to store, fordable Go board with a professional size 19×19 grid. Jeweled with original Yunzi stones, this set is a beautiful addition to any home and makes the perfect companion for any family gatherings or Go learners enthusiasts.

Go board: 19 x19 professional size grid

Stones: 361 quality original Yunzi stones in each set with additional replacement stones (181 black and 180 white stones) with a certificate for quality

Easy storage: the foldable board is easy to transport and to store; the stones fit in nicely in two separate compartment as part of the set

Perfect companion for any inspiring or a long-term Go player!


2 reviews for Foldable Go Game Set

  1. Silvia Lozeva

    I recently purchased a Go Board and Yanzi stone set from Silvia, and I must say I’ve had a really great experience!

    Silvia was quick to reply to my emails, and the equipment was delivered quite promptly.

    There are a few option to choose from in regards to the Go Board / stones, but I highly recommend the folding Go Board along with the Yanzi stones. Though they are a little more expensive, they are of a very high quality, and this equipment will last you for a long time. And the folding board will make it easier to travel with.

    The stones have a great feel to them, along with a good finish on the board.

    I highly recommend any Go player (new or experienced) to purchase their equipment from here.

    Thanks again Silvia!

    -Jared Lamperd, Canberra

  2. Corban Fleming

    I purchased a folding board a Yanzi stones from Silvia because I was after higher quality stones then most boards come with and that I exactly what I got, with the added convenience of portability and easy storage.

    Silvia was very helpful throughout the whole process, talking me through my options and even explaining how to oil my stones.

    Highly recommended buying through institute 361 and Silvia’s lessons also

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