Chess Starter Package



If you have been inspired to learn to play Chess, or you would like to pass the skills to your children, this package is for you.

The beginner Chess Starter package covers some popular openings – Sicilian defense, Ruy Lopez, Kings and Queen’s Gambit amongst others, and applying basic Chess strategies, while learning about positioning of Chess pieces and improving spacial awareness on the Chess Board.

Each package is adapted to suit individual learning style and interests.

The beginner Chess Starter package includes five hours face-to-face tutorials.

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  1. Andrew J (verified owner)

    Our son has done a first set of five chess classes with Sylvia and we have subsequently signed up for at least another five. He’s really enjoying the challenge and learning new strategies and ways of thinking about chess in a really personal, and personable setting based on playing the game.
    From an adult’s perspective, making the arrangements has been very easy and accommodating to our timetables etc and good feedback after each class from both teacher and student.

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